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When I started to broadcast the channel eleven years ago, nobody believed that we could ever get enough films together to sustain a daily 24h broadcast or find a bigger public. Today we have around 4000 references in films, 2 million viewers a month and 11000 viewers for more than one hour a day (figures provided by Mediamétrie). If this equals a visit to an art institution, this makes SFE the biggest art center in France with 50k “entries”, more than the Centre Pompidou.

SFE is a parallel universe where counterculture that resists mainstream and the noise it is generating reaches a big number of households. We really make art exist in peoples lives, bypassing the elitist insider joke that is the old “art world”.

Being by definition far from mainstream makes SFE a hard sell on the market for sponsors and patrons. I always struggled to keep SFE on the air and independent and somehow managed to navigate through all the troubled waters we’ve been in.

Today, for the first time, we call on our public for help, just for the time we need to develop our application, the center of the new ecosystem which will allow us to build an economy based on voluntary contributions and that will, finally, also directly profit our artists.

If SFE didn’t make so much sense, if it wouldn’t be the blueprint for a worldwide platform of the platforms, giving visibility and catalyzing all the underground communities and artist run projects...

If we wouldn’t have new performances, slideshows, TV series coming in from very young artists all the time, more than ever ...

If SFE wouldn’t be the unique, natural, home for all this “unqualified”, underrepresented stuff that fits nowhere else and that we just put into a linear stream to make it a product, easy to use…

…I would have quit longtime ago. But this vision keeps us going.

Please make a contribution today or contact us if you plan to invest if you think that SFE should still be here tomorrow to execute the most important mission of art: transmitting an alien point of view on what is going on. Marcus Kreiss



Faites un don pour garder SFE ONAIR. Cliquez ici pour donner une somme libre ou dans les autres cases pour choisir votre recompense. Laissez votre adresse dans le message Paypal, votre cadeau sera expedié dans les plus brefs delais.

Make a donation to keep SFE ONAIR. Click here to make a donation of any amout or choose your reward in the other frames. leave your address in the Paypal message, your reward will be send asap.



Sériegraphie sur vinyl autocollant 40x10cm avec le début de la recherche du temps perdu de Marcel Proust

Silkscreen printed bumpersticker 40x10cm with the first words of In Search of lost Time by Marcel Proust

15e including delivery

Poster Bright Side of Capitalism

L'affiche signée 100x70cm de l'exposition Marcus Kreiss The bright side of capitalism en avril 2017 à Paris.

The 100x70cm signed poster of the Marcus Kreiss show The Bright side of Capitalism in april 2017 in Paris

35e including delivery



T Shirt souvenirs from earth

T shirt vert sur marron ou blanc sur bleu marine, tailles S M L XL préciser das message svp

T shirt green on brown or white on dark blue size S M L XL ( please mention in message)

50e including delivery

Foulard Marcus Kreiss

Foulard impression sur soie brodure cousue 85x85cm

Silkscarf 85x85cm

300e including delivery


Sériegraphie Silkscreen print

Sérigraphie sur vinyl autocollant 70x100cm avec les premiers mots début de la recherche du temps perdu de Marcel Proust, édition de 100, signée, numerotée.

Silkscreen on vinyl 70x100cm with the first words of In Search of lost Time by Marcel Proust edition of 100, signed and numbered.

400e including delivery

Dessin original original drawing

Dessin original de Marcus Kreiss 50x50cm marouflé sur toile, signé.

Original artwork by Marcus Kreiss, 50x50cm, mounted on canvas, signed.

400e including delivery


Prototype collector, édition de 10, la "matérialisation" de la chaîne Souvenirs from Earth, écran 7', se connecte sur Internet pour jouer SFE tv via son appli mobile. Bois et Nylon, signé et numéroté

Prototype collector, edition of 10, the "materialization" of SFE. This 7' screen. box receives SFE via Internet. Signed and numbered.

500e, including delivery

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